Progression (Awards)

The club participates in a number of progression awards. The 252 Challenge, ArcheryGB Progress Awards and Archery GB Classification.

The 252 challenge is run each month, and members aim to score 252 (or different scores for barebow, longbow and compound bows), at each distance from 10 yards to 100 yards. Archers have to achieve the score twice at each distance to achieve the award. Archers will be able to purchase a badge to recognise this achievement.

The ArcheryGB Progress Award is for new and current archers and can be attained for indoor and outdoor rounds. This is great for new archers, especially juniors. On attainment archers will be presented a certificate or achievement and have the option to purchase a badge.

The Archery GB Classification is achieved by submitting scores against rounds shot at the club or in competitions, and each round has a different score to achieve from 3rd to 1st Class Archer, 3rd to 1st Class Bowman, Master Bowman, Grand Master Bowman or Elite Master Bowman. The scores required can be found here:

More details on these awards scheme can be found in these two helpful guides:

  1. 252 & AGB Progression Award Guide
  2. Rounds, Scoring, Handicaps and Classification Guide