Membership & Subs

The membership fees cover club membership, AGB membership and affiliations. To shoot at the club, you must be members of both the Club and AGB and affiliated regional organisations. .

Annual membership can be paid by a single annual payment, or by regular monthly payments with a
standing order.
New members need to pay a one-off joining fee of £30 for seniors, and £10 for juniors, young adults,
or disabled archers, and this covers the immediate costs of joining.

The monthly payments are:
Senior Members: £15
Junior Members: £5
Second and Subsequent Junior Members: £3
Senior Under 25 Member: £11
Senior Disabled Member: £11

Annual fees are £180 for a Senior member, £132 for a Senior Disabled or Senior under-25 member,
and £60 for a junior (under-18) member (£36 for second and subsequent junior member).