Club Records

The South Wansdyke Archery Club records have been collated from all available paper and electronic scores submitted to the Club Records Officer since 2015.  These scores have been shot at both archery tournament at other clubs and club shoots, where the rules of archery have been followed and where the score has been submitted to the Club Records Officer. Junior score have been assigned an appropriate age group based on the age of the archer at the time of the round, where the age of the archer has been know.  From 2023 onward the Archery GB age definitions will be used. 50+ records have been introduced by Archery GB in 2023 and as such will only be valid from 2023 onwards.

Should any records prior to 2015 come to light and have a undisputed provenance the club records will be updated.

Club Records collated by Simon Whittle, Club Records Officer 2023