May News – Clair Crook’s Travelogue

May has seen a number of outdoor competitions for archers to compete in and one South Wansdyke Archery Club member has embraced this fact.  Clair Crook has been traveling the country with her Compound bow and representing the club with aplomb and not a little success!  First up a trip Bedfordshire to compete at Kestrel Archers to shoot a classic “Hereford” round.  She claimed a bronze medal, a personal best (PB) and is also able to claim an Archery GB (AGB) award for completing a 6 gold end at the 80 yard distance.  A week later she was in Exmouth for a “double WA50”, another bronze medal, 2 PBs and an AGB black target award for a score above 550.  A double header followed in Redruth, another “Hereford”, winning a gold medal and gaining an AGB red rose award for a score above 1100 and a “double WA50” beating her PB from a week ago and picking up the silver medal.  Finally, the tour ended at Burnham Archers for a final “Hereford” picking up a gold medal and a further personal best. Well Done Clair 🙂

May was also the month for Archery GBs celebration of Archery and their established “Start Archery” week.  On the 13th May, the club hosted a session to introduce the art of archery to a brand new group of people.  It was a bright day, with some excellent shooting for those who have never picked up a bow before.  For anyone interested in giving archery a try, the club will have a presence at the Writhlington Flower Show 19th August and the Writhlington Fun Day 3rd September.  Our next beginner’s course will commence on Saturday 9th September.

Our newest juniors have been progressing well, following AGB progression awards for their age group and bow types.  Parker Edgell successfully completed the White – Outdoor award and Dylan Appleton the White and Black awards.

Finally, our ladder competition continues to produce some great matches and credit should go to David Aldridge who has made up 19 places on the ladder and is only 5 places from the top, held by Simon Whittle.