South Wansdyke Archery Club Events and Courses
We hold various events throughout the year and we also have monthly events open to club members. Any events open exclusively to club members will be identified in the name. Please note the dates of the events and if you require more information feel free to contact us either through the website or via Facebook *Please note that all events are subject to cancellation depending upon weather conditions and/or number of attendees, if unsure of if an event will be taking place please check our Facebook page for updates on the day The prices for our events are as follows, if you would like to see if we have any events coming up please check below All courses, have-a-go days and corporate events will start at 10am Have-a-go course - £10 Per Person An introduction to archery held over one day, the cost of this can be deducted from a beginners course if you wish to continue with archery Beginners Course - £60 for one adult £100 for one adult and one child £150 for one adult and two children A more complete introduction to archery that covers the basics of shooting and allows you to join our club, the course will require attendance at 6 sessions (these sessions may not always be held back to back depending on conditions, please check Facebook for updates on the day) Corporate Events - £10 Per Person - Minimum number of 10 people We can host corporate events at the weekends where you and some friends can experience archery and get to know the sport and us.